psychodynamicPeople seek counselling or psychotherapy because they feel something is not quite right. They could be feeling depressed or anxious. Or perhaps they are having difficulties in their relationships or at work. They may have tried other therapies and feel that they need something else.

I have worked for 20 years in health and social care. This means I have worked with a wide range of people and difficulties. This experience has allowed me to say with confidence that I am able to work with and am able to help most people.

I also have a particular interest in working with people in the creative industries who might be feeling stuck and frustrated. And those raised in institutional care; be it boarding school or local authority and foster care. I have have a wide range of experience of working with men who are wondering about their sexuality. As well a people struggling with traumatic events in their lives.

Psychotherapy is an in-depth talking therapy that allows time and space to explore and to try understand difficult things in a safe and confidential place. I am particularly interested in peoples experiences of growing up, their relationships and family life and how things that they are not aware of might be influencing their current difficulties.

I prefer to work over a longer time with people as it usually takes time to find the right words. I do also work with people over a fixed number of sessions too.

Psychotherapy doesn’t only bring relief. At times it can be challenging. It is after all when we are challenged, all but in a thoughtful way, that we are all able to change. Reassurance only gets us so far. But this process of being listened to carefully¬†and thinking together can provide huge relief and bring about profound change.